Thursday, 30 April 2009 4:49AM
Phila. Students Take 8th in National Chess Tournament
by KYW’s Karin Phillips

The chess club at the Russell Byers charter school in Center City ranked 8th in the 2009 United States Chess Federation SuperNationals Tournament.

And team player Ayannah Woods, 11, finished as the 55th best player in the nation and 8th among the top ten female players:

“Most people think of chess as a guy game. But now there are more women chess clubs, and women championships and women titles. So I want to prove that not just men can play chess.”

Troy Perry (in photo above), 12, says his mostly African-American team stood out among the winners:

“I think chess is not a game for nerds at all. I think it’s a game for everyone because it’s educational and it will help you.”

(photo by KYW’s Karin Phillips)

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