PBCC Monthly Open Tournament
Saturday, April 3, 2010

Entry Fee: $15.00 Regular / $10.00 Senior/Junior

Sections: One (Open)

Time Control: Game/60, Delay/5, Swiss System

Number of Rounds: 4

/ Pay-up: 9:30am To 9:55am, (you must be pre-registered)

Start Time: 10:00 am
Round Times: 10:00 am – following rounds – ASAP (including lunch break)

Prizes: Cash: Total Cash payout 75% of Gross Receipts
Number of prizes based on number of participants
4-7 Players, 2 Prizes, 1st place=50% (of Gross Receipts), 2nd Place=25%
8-13 Players, 3 Prizes, 1st=40%, 2nd=20%, 1st U/1600=15%
14-19 Players, 4 Prizes, 1st=30%, 2nd=20%, 1st U/1600=15%, 2nd U/1600=10%
Tournament/Club Expenses & Chess Club Fund – 25%

Unrated Players are not eligible for U/1600 prizes, and because of that…

All new (as yet unrated in the last suppliment) USCF members have a choice of two options;
(A) pay the rating fee and be eligible ONLY for the Open (overall, non-class) prizes, OR
(B) play for free, pay no entry fee, but not eligible for any prizes

Cash Prizes will be rounded to the nearest dollar

Ties for any non-cash awards/prizes/honors will be decided; 1st The head to head results of the players involved; 2nd Average Opposition; 3rd Solkoff

You must Pre-Register

All games will be played without rule 14H (Insufficient Losing Chances Claims)
No Smoking
No Computers
Turn off all cell phones (or set to vibrate, and answered outside)

This is a rated/sanctioned tournament and you must belong to the United States Chess Federation (USCF) to participate. USCF Membership is available on-line www.uschess.org.

ALL PBCC EVENTS are by Pre-Tournament Notification only. You must contact us (Email or Phone) by 7:00 p.m. the day BEFORE the tournament starts and give us your name and USCF ID# so we may verify your USCF membership and rating. Then, if you are not present at pairing time for round one, you will simply NOT be entered or paired. No money changes hands before tournament day.

We DO NOT process on-site uscf memberships at tournaments. You must join or renew before tournament day. If you would like help joining or have questions about USCF membership, please contact us.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Hall
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
7601 N. Grandview Ave., Odessa, Texas, 79765

Tournament Director: Steve Dudley, email is prefered, or Phone 9am to 9pm.

Please bring a board, set and chess clock if you have them.DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE PDF VERSION OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT

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