Peter Heine Nielsen defeated one of the successful chess player of knock out system Michael Adams. Today Peter drew his 1 game of the 3rd Round against the Romanian Grandmaster Parligras.

— It was a four games match actually: two classical games and two rapid ones. Two classical games were quite calm. I had slight troubles in both games, though my opponent was not very aggressive, acting safely. We made two draws. The main battle started happening in the rapid matches. In the third game I got a better position but Adams managed to defend. In the fourth game I started having problems again. Being in a time trouble I tried to start a counter attack and sacrificed an exchange. Beating such a great chess player as Michael Adams is a fantastic result for me.

— Do you have an impression that Michael was much disappointed? Normally he does not leave the knock out so early?

— I would guess so. In fact with this system we will have 127 players who will be disappointed and only one happy. This is how the knock out system is.

— Peter, you are not only an active chess player but also you are a coach of the acting World Champion Vishy Anand. Are you in contact with Vishy now, do you discuss your games here or maybe his games which he plays in another tournament at the moment?

Yes, I am in touch with Vishy. Right now he is in Moscow participating in Botvinnik Memorial. He is a bit busy with his own games.

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