By Chess Coach Will Stewart (USCF 2256, FIDE 2234)

Gata Kamsky Vs Magnus Carlsen: 2005 FIDE World Cup — Kamsky opens with e4 and then up and coming prodigy Carlsen answers with c5, proceeding to take the opening into the dangerous Chelyabinsk Variation of the Sveshnikov Sicilian with 10. …Bxf6. Kamsky plays the opening with great energy and begins to achieve a significant advantage with 16. Bb5! — leading to excellent control over black’s queenside. Carlsen played too defensively and without enough activity by 20. …Bd8?! — allowing white to really dictate the course of the game. 20. …Kh8 and 21. …f5 would have given black better chances. After an accurate series of pressing moves beginning with 24. Qa3! — Kamsky was able to achieve a deserved win with 31. b6!

Original Article on Kamsky Vs. Carlsen available on William’s site with a PGN.

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