Dear chess friends,

I would like to let you know about our online chess auction, which will conclude in about 3 hours. Bidding should heat up very soon! There are 70 lots in total – to see them, go to

Among the lots are rare books and magazines from the UK, Italy, Russia, France, Germany and the USA. You will also find a great selection of fiction books with chess as their theme, bulletins of recent chess Olympiads, books signed by Panov, Smyslov and Korchnoi, a great catalogue of the most famous chess book and memorabilia collection (beloning to David DeLucia), old Russian bulletins, books on chess composition, recent issues of the New in Chess magazine, etc.

In order to bid, one needs to register. That takes only a minute, but please do so in advance as I will need to forward you your password before you can bid. Please beware that the server clock is about 10 minutes ahead! With any questions and comments please contact me at or There will be another auction sometime in March, so if you are interested in selling anything, let me know.

With best regards,
GM Alexander Baburin
Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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