Once again, I would like to thank ALL the generous sponsors and supporters of the 2010 SPICE Cup!

TTU Office of the Chancellor
TTU Office of the President

TTU Office of the Provost

TTU Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement

TTU Office of International Affairs

Governor Rick Perry, Chancellor Kent Hance, President Guy Bailey, Provost Bob Smith, Dr. Rob Stewart, Dr. Juan Munoz, Mayor Tom Martin, Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Hungarian Consul General Károly Dán, Dr. Kelly Overley, Grace Hernandez, Russell Thomasson, Jodey Arrington, Dr. Sheryl Santos, Dean Sam Dragga, Dr. Hal Karlsson, Dr. Alice White, Dr. Rich Rice, Jerry Perez, Lucia Barbato, Sam Segran, Dr. Phil Smith, Katherine Neville, Jon Crumiller, Jeff Smith, Cohen family, Mautner family, Paul Azzurro, Cory Chandler, Sally Post, Chase Watters, Bill Snead, Anatoly Lekhter, Marty Grund, Dewain Barber, Peggy Flores, Rachel Flores, Abbie Kleppa, Dr. Richard Mautner, Paul Albert, Hanon Russell, Albert Vasse, Dr. James Br
ink, Bill Brannan, Angelo Barranda, Jr., Abie Cox, Kevin Mulligan, Brett James, Zachary Haskin, Greg Jones, Amber McCloud, Erica Perry, Zeljka Malibabic, Brana Malibabic, Andy Kormendi, Nancy Sachs, Robert Glassman, Douglas Goldstein, Dr. Marvin Corman, Lev Alburt, Josh Waitzkin, Tim Dallas, Lynn Elms, Leigh Martzall, Scott Cheatham, Jobi Martinez, Amanda Foster, Dahlia Guerra, Ashley Gonzalez, Jon Quinn, Dr. Kanika Batra, Magne Kristiansen, Aud and Kris Kristiansen, Norwegian Society of Texas – Vestlandet, Karin Slyker, Naveen Yarlagadda, CopyCraft, Laura Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Barranda and Mr. & Mrs. Chua-Tuan, and the Susan Polgar Foundation…

I would also like to thank ICC (Internet Chess Club), Chessdom, MonRoi, PlayChess, TWIC, Chess.com for covering the games live, as well as DGT and MonRoi for providing the live broadcast technology.

A big thank you to Marty Grund (Internet Chess Club) for personally creating the unique and beautiful trophies for the SPICE Cup A & B Group!

Here is the link to 50 pictures from the SPICE Cup Party.
Here is the link to 500 pictures from the second half of the SPICE Cup 2010.
Here is the link to over 430 pictures from the SPICE Cup 2010.
Here is the link to 120 pictures from the Texas Tech homecoming football game.
is the link to 178 pictures from the 2010 SPICE Cup Blitz Championship.

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