Omega Chess – Could bigger be actually better?

Omega Chess has resurfaced on the internet after a long absence of more than 7 years with a bolder look and a brand new product. Omega Chess, boasting to be the next evolution of Chess, was invented in 1998 by Daniel MacDonald and has received unparalleled international attention from various GMs and Chess Federations. For those of you out there who are not entirely familiar with the game, you can read the large website content at, including other reviews, player feedback, puzzles and tactical suggestions.

Interestingly enough, Daniel’s team is also coming out with some computer games and a free Google plug-in which will allow anyone to challenge a partner on the internet.

As you can see, the Traditional Chess piece setup is preserved, with the addition of two new pieces on the side, the Champion (the symbol being a helmet) and he Wizard (the symbol being a crescent moon). The 10×10 board has 4 extra corners where the Wizard is placed which creates very interesting tactical possibilities. With the exception of the Pawn, Wizard and Champion movements, all other rules are unchanged.

To find out more about Omega Chess, visit

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