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The Russian men are tied for third behind Armenia and Holland. The Russian women are in first place by merely 1/2 point ahead of Ukraine as we are entering the half way point. The Slovak, US, India, Bulgaria, and Romania are within striking distance.

On the women’s side, the Kosintseva sisters and Kovalevskaya have been carrying the Russian team. Lahno has been carrying Ukraine. Pokorna has been carrying Slovakia. Krush has been the star of the US team. Corina Peptan has been the anchor of the Romanian team. Humpy has been the star of India. Stefanova and Voiska have been the foundation for Bulgaria.

On the men’s side, Aronian, Akopian and Sargissian have been the foundation for Armenia. Van Wely and Nijboer have been the co-MVP for Holland. Kramnik, Svidler, Grischuk and Bareev have been most spectacular for Russia. Zhigalko is 5-0 for Belarus. Karjakin has been the star for Ukraine. Kamsky and Onischuk are both performing over 2700 for the US.

In order to win the Olympiad, someone in the team has to step up. Look for some of the names above to continue the hot streak.

What is your prediction? Which countries will capture the Gold, Silver and Bronze in both Olympiads? Can the Russian capture the double Gold since they outrate others by more than 50 points?
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