Nominations from the FIDE President

Commissions’ Chairmen

Anti-Cheating Commission: Israel Gelfer
Arbiters Commission: Panagiotis Nikolopoulos
Chess in Schools Commission: Kevin O’ Connell
Commission for Women’s Chess: Martha Fierro Baquero and Susan Polgar
Commission for World Championships & Olympiads: Georgios Makropoulos
Commission of Chess Journalists: Georgios Makropoulos
Constitutional Commission: Roberto Rivello
Development Commission: Allan Herbert
Events Commission: Boris Kutin
Ethics Commission: Francois Strydom
Medical Commission: Dr. Jana Bellin
Qualification Commission: Werner Stubenvoll
Technical Commission: Bharat Singh
Rules and Tournament Regulations: Ashot Vardapetyan
System of Pairings and Programs: Christian Krause
Social Action Commission: Beatriz Marinello
Social Projects Comission: Darcy Gustavo Machado Vieira Lima
Trainers’ Commission: Adrian Mikhalchishin
Verification Commission: Graham Boxall
Online Commission: Michalis Kaloumenos
Disabled Commission: Thomas Luther
Marketing Committee: Diego Salazar
Skills Management Committee: Roberto Mogranzini
Central Board of Commissions: Geoffrey Borg

Chief Executive Officer: Geoffrey Borg
Strategic Planning Director: Emelia Ellappen
FIDE Press Officer: Anastazia Karlovich

President’s Assistants for each Continent:
Asia: Chu Bo
Africa: Lakhdar Mazouz
Americas: Mario Petrucci
Europe: Willy Iclicki

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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