No team is guaranteed a Final Four spot yet

Going into the last round of the 2012 PanAm Intercollegiate Championship, no one is guaranteed a spot yet. Everything, including the title, and the 4 spots in the Final Four, has yet to be determined.

On board 1, Webster U, the #1 team I the nation, is facing UTD A, the 2-time defending champion. Both teams have 4.5 points. The team which loses may be out of the Final Four. On the other hand, the team that wins will be the new National Champion. Therefore, it is all or nothing.

On board 2, Webster U B is facing their crosstown rival, Lindenwood University, coached by GM Seirawan. Lindenwood needs to win to make the playoff, while Webster U B needs a win for an outside shot at the national crown.

On board 3, it is Texas Tech versus UMBC. The winning will make the Final Four while the losing team will be sent home. Anything can happen today!

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