No Age Boundary

Age has no boundary in chess competition, especially at the Doha Asian Games. 65-year-old Japanese player Emiko Nakagawa is the oldest player in Doha 2006 chess competition.

“I feel perfectly normal to be competing here,” she said. “Not only have I played in 10 Chess Olympiads, it is also not strange for a chess player to compete at a high level when one is older.”

In the mean time, 19-year-old Humpy Koneru of India is accompanied by her mother Lata Koneru. “Originally, we named our daughter champion, because we hoped she would excel in whatever sport she was to choose,” explained her mother. “We later adapted it to make it sound more Indian and it became Humpy.”

“Normally, Humpy is accompanied by her father, who also serves as her coach. However, this time he could not come to Doha as the local customs and traditions segregate men and women. Then it came down to me to accompany our daughter,” the mother explained.
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