New format for World Championship
30 Nov 2008, 2342 hrs IST, Hari Hara Nandanan,TNN

CHENNAI: The world chess federation (FIDE) has put in place a new format for the World Championship, starting the next cycle in 2011.

This decision was taken at the general assembly of the FIDE Congress during the Olympiad in Dresden.

According to All India Chess Federation (AIFF) secretary DV Sundar, eight players will play a round robin or knockout event (the organiser has the right to decide on this) and the participants will be two each from the Grand Prix and the World Cup, the loser of Gata Kamsky- Veselin Topalov, the loser of Viswanthan Anand vs Kamsky or Topalov, the highest ranked player and a player nominated from the host country, if he is above 2700 Elo rating.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the format in the eight-player event. The organiser has the right to decide whether this will be an eight-player round robin or a four-game knockout series with a six-game final as was the case in the 2000 World Championship when Anand beat Alexey Shirov in the final.

The conditions mean that Anand, Kamsky and Topalov will play in the 2011 World Championship (the loser of Kamsky-Topalov and the loser of Anand vs Kamsky or Topalov). The only question mark is about Kramnik who has no direct ticket to the cycle unless he qualifies from the World Cup or the Grand Prix or he becomes the highest-ranked player then. He could also come in as the host entry if Russia organises the championship. “The FIDE wanted to give emphasis to its Grand Prix and World Cup,” Sundar told TOI.

Another decision taken at the meeting was that a player will forfeit his game if he arrives late at the board, like it was done at the Olympiad. This will now hold good for all the events.


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