About My 9 year old son is really into chess, and plays tournaments quite often. During these tournaments he usually will play the chess openings and midgames fine, but he loses more often than necessary, when the game turns into an endgame. Having spent a long time building up a good game of chess, and then loosing in the end, because the endgame techniques are not adequate, is frustrating.

So I’ve been browsing the internet, trying to find some good chess endgame simulators for my son (and his friends from our local chess club) to practise with, but haven’t really been in luck. So what better than to build my own. I have decided to share it with you, in the hope that it may be to your liking.

You may use the simulator in either ‘Non-Stop Endgames’, Mate in x, or Challenge mode. In ‘Non-stop Endgames’ you can play either rated or unrated games. If you play unrated games, you will get help to solve the endgames presented to you, whereas in Challenge mode it is more like an actual game, where the goal is to reach the highest score.

The endgame simulator is based on GarboChess, which is quite a strong chess engine. It plays with an ELO of around 2600, so don’t expect any free give aways 🙂 Hope you will have a good time on chessendgames.com, and you can be sure that a lot of new features will be added frequently.

— Bo Brinch