Lincoln Elementary School creates chess club
By Joshua Palmer
Times-News writer
Twin Falls Times-News, ID

TWIN FALLS – Cooper Elam and Emily Bell, two third-graders at Lincoln Elementary School, had some unfinished business to take care of during recess.

After all, this was serious business – this was chess.

Last month, Lincoln Elementary School organized the Noon Chess Club for students with special needs as well as for those who are considered gifted and talented. The idea was to encourage both groups to build self-confidence by challenging themselves.

“With some of our struggling students, it gives them the feeling that they are really good at something,” said Beth Olmstead, principal of Lincoln Elementary School. “

But the flip side is that some of my GT (gifted and talented) students are also getting involved.”The chess board proves to be a level playing field.

“I try to think ahead before I make a move, but sometimes I don’t and I lose,” said sixth-grader Makayla Lee. “But I don’t lose a lot.”

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