We are happy to announce that Daniel’s second book has just been published by New In Chess (Netherlands), one of the largest chess publishing houses in the world: 

Mastering Complex Endgames

Practical Lessons on Critical Ideas & Plans
by Daniel Naroditsky

Here is what the publisher had to say about Daniel’s new book:

Daniel Naroditsky has done it again! Following ‘Mastering Positional Chess’ the American chess prodigy has written an instructional book that is at least as ambitious as his acclaimed debut. Daniel has compiled a rich collection of practical endgame examples whose assessments require more than just standard theory.
In his fresh, yet surprisingly mature style, Naroditsky presents:

• lively and entertaining lessons
• crystal clear explanations of ideas and plans
• useful insights into the minds of chess masters
• great practical advice throughout the book
• instructive exercises at the end of each chapter
Naroditsky draws heavily on his own experience as a player and has no problem pointing out his own mistakes. His systematic approach and didactic skills help you to understand rather than just memorize these endings.
Rarely if ever before have the ideas that decide endings been explained so clearly. This book will take your endgame technique to the next level.

The book will be available in the United States within a couple of weeks and can be pre-ordered on Amazon’s website:


Needless to say, we are extremely proud of Daniel’s momentous accomplishment. 

Thanks a lot for your support!

Daniel’s excellent first book – Mastering Positional Chess
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