Forget golf, this doctor makes and stars in movies for a hobby
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PITTSBURGH – For a man who doesn’t watch many movies, Ravi Godse certainly enjoys making them.

Watching a rough cut of his second indie film at his suburban home, Godse took notes and spoke enthusiastically about making the movie, editing the picture, and getting a renowned Indian musician to score it. He’s also excited about shooting additional scenes.

“It was incredible,” he said of making the film.

But filmmaking isn’t Godse’s profession. What pays the bills is his job as a physician, a profession shared by his wife.

Growing up in India, Godse, now 39, said filmmaking was just one of the many things he wanted to do. He also wanted to play chess professionally and see the world.

He learned to play chess until his coach told him he wasn’t tall enough. (“I’m still trying to figure that out,” Godse said.) He moved to the United States in 1995, visits Europe frequently and writes historical travelogues online.

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