The International Chess Festival “Moscow Open 2013″ is taking place from 31st January to 11th February, 2013, at the Russian State Social University (RSSU), B. Pick Street, 4, metro station “Botanical Garden” in Moscow.

The first round saw the typical uneven pairings in the first boards, and most of the favorite players achieved the expected victory, but there were some big surprises in most of the groups.

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In the Russia Cup for Men, the second seed Denis Khismatullin lost with white against FM Zhamzaran Tsydypov. The game was going in a normal fashion, with the favorite gaining an early advantage, but things suddenly turned around when, in the move 36, Khismatullin took a “poisoned” pawn and followed this mistake with another, by playing 37.Kf2, instead of the equalizing Kh1. Black achieved the victory in 46 moves.

Something similar happened in the Russia Cup for Women. This time, it was the third seed Baira Kovanova the one who left a point go against a much lower rated opponent. Similarly to the case we described above, the favorite managed to get an advantage and then let it go. WFM Alexandra Obolentseva took advantage and achieved an important win.

The Young Grandmasters Tournament saw the important fight between the two first seeds already in the opening round. Aleksandr Shimanov got the important victory with the white pieces; now the Armenian Robert Hovhannisyan will have to fight hard to recover from this loss.

There weren’t real surprises in the Young Grandmasters Tournament for women. We can’t really be shocked by the draw achieved by the talented WFM Nastasia Ziazulkina against the favorite WGM Olga Girya.

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