Moscow Open 2012

The international chess festival “Moscow Open 2012” takes place in Moscow on January 27 (date of arrival) – February 6 (date of departure), 2012. The venue is Russian State Social University (RSSU), located at V. Pika Street, 4 (“Botanichesky Sad” metro station).

The main organizers of the event are Russian State Social University (, Moscow Chess Federation (, and Moscow Sport Committee ( with the support of the Russian Chess Federation (, International School Chess Union ( and International Chess Federation ( The Festival is held in accordance with the Decree of Moscow Government.

RSSU Cup official website –

The International Cup of RSSU “Moscow Open 2012” consists of 9 separate tournaments:

Tournament A “Russian Cup stage for men”,
Tournament B “Russian Cup stage for women”,
Tournament C “Cup for chess amateurs”,
Tournament D “Cup for university student grandmasters – men”,
Tournament E “Cup for university student grandmasters – women”,
Tournament F “Cup for university students”,
Tournament G “Cup for school champions” (26.01 to 05.02),
Tournament H “Cup for school-leavers” (26.01 to 05.02),
Tournament I “Fifth World Cup on solving”.

The total guaranteed prize fund of the Festival is 3 150 000 roubles.

REGULATIONS of the “Moscow Open 2012” chess festival.

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