While the scholastic event was on going, I gave a lecture to parents, coaches and even players from the National Open. A wide range of questions were asked and about 150 people showed up for the one hour session. IM John Donaldson conducted another lecture right after I did.

Shortly after the lecture, the Susan Polgar Puzzle Solving Championship took place. Around 40 young players took part in it. They were judged by the amount of puzzles they solved correctly and how fast they solved them. Right after the Puzzle Solving Championship was the 30 board simul for the young players.

In the mean time, hot and heavy actions at the National Open were taking place. The legendary GM Korchnoi saved a game with a piece down in round 1. There were no other real upsets.

For the games and results of the National Open, please go to www.MonRoi.com.

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