Chess, chess and more chess!

As the Webster University Chess Camp (with 100 kids) is winding down today, about 75 young ladies will be arriving tonight and tomorrow to represent their respective states and 13 countries in North, Central and South America.

They will be competing for over $207,500 in scholarships and prizes! This is not an open event. It is an invitational only. In order to qualify, one must be nominated by her state or country (usually either as the girl’s champion or by rating). All official qualifiers receive complimentary rooms and meals.

The competition will include Classical Chess, Blitz, Puzzle Solving, etc.

Classical Champion: Webster University scholarship* (full tuition and fees approximately $26,000 + per year x 4 years) Champion’s Cup.

2nd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $14,000 + per year x 4 years)

3rd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $12,000 + per year x 4 years)

Additional cash scholarships this year!

1st place = $2,500
2nd place = $1,500
3rd place = $1,000
Top under 13 = $500
Top under 10 = $500

Triple-crown champion (main event, blitz, and puzzle solving) = $1,000

Biggest upset prize (each round) = $50 x 6 = $300 gift certificate

Best dressed player = $100 gift certificate

Best written essay about the SPFGI experience = $100 gift certificate

There will also be additional surprise prizes which challenge intellect and wit.

In case of a tie, cash prizes will be shared.

There will also be a special training to teach the girls the SPICE learning method.

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