The Mongolian Chess Federation has the pleasure to announce that the Mongolia Open – 1st International Chess Festival, which will be held from 19-29th August in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, concurrently with the U16 World Youth Chess Olympiad.

The 9-round Swiss event is open to all players and the games will take place at the Chinggis Khaan Hotel.

The total prize fund is 25 million Mongolian Tugrik, which is approx 11,500 EUR. The winner of the tournament will earn 2800 EUR.

Among 44 pre-registered players top seeded are Russian Grandmasters Kobalia Mikhail and Shomoev Anton and local stars GM Gundavaa Bayarsaikhan, GM Batchuluun Tsegmed, FM Enkhnar Enkhbaatar.

Countries that require visas for Mongolia are requested to apply for visas at their respective Mongolian Consulate or Embassy. Invitation letter can be send on request after paying entry fee and hotel. Countries without Mongolian representatives can obtain visa at Airport (NOTE: all entrants must be entered before 5th August and hotel fees must be fully paid.)


Mongolian Chess Federation Phone: +976 9909 9577
Registration and hotel reservation at the website

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