The Miami International Chess Academy Presents

Labor Day Weekend Sept. 3– Sept. 7, 2009

Play for an International and Two State Championship plus your best chance ever to beat a GM!

At the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel, Miami, FL

Tournament Special Flat Parking rate $10 (at the bank of America Tower in front of the Hyatt.)

Hotel rooms $119 per night -Reserve now @1-800-223-1234 or

Online Reservation

$25,000 based on 280 entries, 60% Guaranteed

Miami International Chess Open & Florida State Championship

Open Section:9-SS GM and IM norms possible

7 Sections 7 rd Swiss G/90+30

EF: $125

$22,000 60% GUAR.

OPEN EF $125 $2000- 1000-600-400

U2300/UR $1400-600-200

U2100 EF $125 $1500-1000-500-200

U1900 EF $125 $1500-1000-500-200

U1700 EF $125 $1500-1000-500-200

U1500 EF $125 $1500-1000-400-200

U1300 EF $125 $1400-700 -400-200

U1000 EF $25 $200-100-60-40

EF $25 U850 $125-100-75-50

Unrateds limited to $100 except in Open

Only unrateds under age 16 in U1000

Free EF GM, WGM, IM, WIM;$100ded. from win

Re-entry $75 by Round 3 ($25 for U1000)

Re-entries count as half entries

U1000 Registration count as quarter entries

USCF memberships required

(FCA memberships required only for Florida residents)

Trophies/Titles to top Florida player in each Section

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