The Brazilian Chess Championship from 2012 was delayed due to administrative reasons, so it took place between February 25th and March 6th 2013 at Cidade de Montenegro. The tournament was organized by the “Federação Gaúcha de Xadrez – FGX”.

GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian arrived as the rating favorite and confirmed his status with a sole first place in the Championship. Mekhitarian obtained 8.5/11 points. He won seven straight games after surprisingly losing his second round encounter against IM Santiago Yago de Moura.

Both IM Evandro Barbosa and Mateus Mendonca got 8/11, however, Barbosa took the second place thanks to a better score in the tie-breaks.

The tournament did not count with the presence of the four favorite qualified players: GM Rafael LeitaoGM Alexandr FierGM Henrique Mecking and GM Felipe El Debs.

Final Standings:

1 GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag BRA 2546 8.5
2 IM Barbosa Evandro Amorim BRA 2422 8.0
Mendonca Mateus Nakajo BRA 2255 8.0
4 IM Santiago Yago De Moura BRA 2405 7.5
5 IM Molina Roberto Junio Brito BRA 2414 7.0
6 CM Carneiro Vitor Roberto Castro BRA 2089 6.0
7 FM Macedo Maximo Iack BRA 2408 5.0
8 FM Brito Luismar BRA 2292 4.0
Souza Neves Andrey M. BRA 2159 3.5
Menna Barreto Felipe Kubiaki BRA 2285 3.5
Gotz Klaus Seiji Furucho BRA 2081 3.0
12 FM Olivencia Flavio BRA 2211 2.0
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