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But once he gets on the Augusta National property, Mickelson becomes Mr. Green Jacket again. He is somehow transformed by this tournament, this course and the comforting, almost restorative powers of having his family with him.

“This is the first week they’ve traveled in 11 months,” said Mickelson. “It’s really fun having them here. And it takes a lot of the heartache away.”

They watch movies together. Mickelson and his daughter Sophia go to an Augusta coffee shop almost every morning and play chess for an hour. Nothing has been normal since the cancer diagnoses in mid-2009, but this helps. A lot.

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Phil Mickelson’s three-shot victory in Masters is the best medicine

The 2010 Masters champion played dad Saturday night. Hours after his 10-year-old daughter, Amanda, fractured her wrist during a skateboarding accident, Phil Mickelson helped her get an X-ray and splint.

Mickelson spent part of his mornings locked in chess matches with 8-year-old daughter Sophia.,0,1903806.story

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