FM Manuel Larrea was the clear winner of the 53rd Uruguayan Chess Championship that was played on 11-18 March 2013 at the Anexo Acuña de Figueroa del “Palacio Legislativo” – Montevideo, Uruguay.

The player from San Jose de Mayo was crowned as champion after playing a tiresome last round game where he obtained a draw against the strong NM Juan Manuel Sosa Macho. This encounter was very complicated for Larrea as he found himself in a lost position, however, he was able to turn it around thanks to his good tactical vision.

Second place went to multiple national champion IM Bernardo Roselli who finished a point and a half behind the champion. Juan Manuel Sosa Macho took first place thanks to his tiebreak score.

Larrea obtained a place in the lineup of the Uruguayan team that will participate on the Chess Olympiad 2014 to be played in Trömso, Norway.

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