Mamedyarov vs Caruana


In the 1/8 final stage of the Baku World Cup 2015, Azerbaijani grandmaster, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov gave an interview to the World Cup Press service.
Mamedyarov said that he prepared very well for the match with Caruana:”I prepared very well, I knew that Fabiano will try to push as white as much as possible. I had many ideas, but at some point I made several small mistakes. The good thing is that draw was sufficient for me in this game. Caruana is one of the strongest players in the world so playing strictly for the result is understandable. For a long time Caruana had a second rating in the world, I think he did not show his best in this match”.
Shakhriyar mentioned the fact that Caruana eliminated Rauf Mamedov: “We play in the same team with Rauf, he played very well with Fabiano, just made small error in the opening. Of course, I was happy to win the match and Rauf was one of the first people to congratulate me. Of course, losing to Caruana is not a tragedy – Fabiano can beat anyone in this tournament”.

Speaking about his opponent in the next stage, Mamedyarov said that in any case it will not be a weak player: “The main thing is to stay in the tournament and showing your best. It does not matter with whom you play in 1/4 final stage – it will be a very strong opponent. Both Andreikin and Karjakin are very famous players with many accomplishments. Everyone wants to be in the final”.

One of the main supporters of Shakhriyar in this tournament is his father Gamid. Mamedyarov said this the presence of his father helps him a lot: “My father is also my coach. From the early age he developed my interest in chess. He was helping me until I reached 2700 rating. I play much more confidently when he is nearby – he waits a victory from me in every game. Draw was sufficient for me in the second game with Caruana. But after the game my father asked me: “You were probably winning there, why did you agree for a draw? (laughing).”

Baku World Cup 2015 Press service.


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