This post is from Shelby at the Rochester Chess Center. His company was the official vendor at the World Open where theft occured.

Hey all,

WE HAD 21 CHRONOS CLOCKS STOLEN. Any one with information on this theft needs to get in touch with me. Missing some items here and there is a cost of doing business. $2300 + retail of chronos clocks being stolen is another thing. This is trying to cripple my business. I was brought up taught treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. If that was the case I was would be walking real funny right now.

I need the names of the people involved. Something like this needs the police involved and court dates and such. I heard that the Chronoses were being traded to pay off gambling debts from Backgammon and I heard one was sold at a poker game that was going on for $40.

If someone offers you some new chess equipment at a tournament at a tremendous discount, it is most likely stolen. Buying of stolen property makes you just as guilty as those who stole it. These people need to be punished thru the law and the USCF should take action.

I may be wrong (please correct me if I am) that there are no harsh punishments that the USCF can hand out for these “thieves”.

We have a strong suspicion of who the thieves were. I am not giving out names or locations yet for obvious reasons. If the clocks are not returned to me And I catch the people that did this I will be taking the full legal action. I have already contacted the police department.

Return all the clocks and I might not contact the police. Most of the suspects are under the age of 18.

Anyone who had a Chronos I or II (long Chronos) or a Chronos Blitz offered to them in brand new condition without a box or a manual at the World Open needs to contact me he or thru our website. I have serial numbers of all the stolen clocks.

Shelby Lohrman
Rochester Chess Center

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