Congratulations to Madeline Bender! She finished in a tie for 2nd at the 2007 NY State Scholastic Championship with the score of 5-1, just 1/2 point out of first! The only game she lost was to the event winner Dylan. Congratulations to Maddie!

I was just told by Maddie’s Mom that not only her great individual results helped her broke the 1400 mark, her score helped her school Horace Mann capture the first ever State Team Title! Horace Mann won the K-3 and K-6 team event ahead of the powerhouse Dalton, their K-1 team finished 2nd.

Also a big congratulations to Justin Karp for tying for first in the NY K-6 Scholastic Championship! He scored 5.5 – .5 to help Horace Mann capture the K-6 top team trophy!

Congrats to Horace Mann, all their players, coach, parents and supporters!
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