Hey Chessters of the West Texas Frontier,

On August 28th, the 2nd match in the Panhandle team match occurred, and miscalculations were made, mates materialized, blunders bounced from board to board, and when all of the mental smoke had cleared, Lubbock had beaten the Amarillo Empire 17.5-6.5.

In the previous match Amarillo spanked the Lubbock team like a bad child, 18-6. So stay tuned for a potential 3rd match this fall.

To see the complete details of the tournament check: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201008285721-12864104

Many thanks to Steve and the Amarillo team for the revival of Amarillo vs. Lubbock chess rivalry. I think it’s been close to 20 years is what Steve has said, since Amarillo and Lubbock duked it out as a team, in the royal game.

Also a big thanks to Zac for taking care of the key, help with clean-up, etc.

Chessingly yours,
Chase Watters
Former President of the Knight Raiders Chess Club
Member of the Texas Tech Knight Raiders A team

Here is the history of this match:

Amarillo 7-1 Lubbock

10.5 - 9.5 (12/1966 Kress, TX)
10.5 - 7.5 (4/16/1967)
14.5 - 5.5 (11/16/1985 Lubbock)
11 - 9 (2/22/1986 Amarillo)
15 - 5 (11/23/1986)
15 - 5 (4/5/1987)
18 - 6 (7/31/2010 Amarillo)
6.5 - 17.5 (8/28/2010 Lubbock)
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