For Some Reason, G-Star Raw Sponsored a Chess Match This Afternoon
9/10/10 at 5:50 PM
NY Magazine

Don’t look for clotheshorse Liv Tyler on Fashion’s Night Out tonight: She’ll be in Canada. “I really wanted to stay,” she told us at the G-Star Raw World Chess Challenge this afternoon on the 21st floor of the Cooper Square Hotel. “I was going to do something with Stella [McCartney], but I’m going to Toronto because the film that I’m in is premiering tonight at midnight, which is so strange. It’s called Super with Ellen Paige, Rainn Wilson, and Kevin Bacon.” (It should be noted that The Cut interviewed Liv at about 3 p.m. “We’re going to the airport in a few minutes!” she cried. Once back she’ll go to the G-Star Raw show on Tuesday, and then take her son Milo to his first day of school on Wednesday.)

Tyler is a spokesmodel for G-Star Raw, which sponsored the event this afternoon. The focus of the day was a chess contest between 19-year-old Magnus Carleson, the No. 1 player in the world, and thousands of web followers voted on moves against him in real time. Naturally, Magnus (who co-stars in the G-Star ad campaign with Tyler) prevailed.

So is Liv Tyler a chess aficionado? “I play a little bit,” she told us. “I love it. I was just with a friend yesterday and I was like, ‘We have to play chess,’ because we have a chessboard in our house. I need a nice chess set, though, because I have a Star Wars one and a Lord of the Rings one, which is kind of embarrassing.”


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