Linex Magic – Kasparov Mascote is the final of the Spanish CECLUB chess championship
Gashimov with surprising draw, Shirov and Cheparinov save the day for Linex Magic
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Most of the top 10 players participate in the ongoing Tal Memorial in Moscow. The rest of the 2700 club, however, is not staying out of competitions. GM Shirov, GM Gashimov, GM Vallejo, GM Milov, GM Adams, GM Bacrot, GM Kasimdzhanov and other strong players participate in the final phase of the Spanish chess club championship CECLUB.

The semifinals were played on Saturday, in the Teatro Cervantes in Linares, the same venue of the Grand Slam tournament. Esc. Int. Kasparov-Marcote achieved a logical 5-1 win against SCC Sabadell. Surprisingly, the top two boards GM Gashimov and GM Vallejo were the only ones held to a draw, by GM Rodriguez and IM Rahal respectively.

In the more disputed final of the day, Linex-Magic managed to edge out Kutxa Gros, thanks to victories by GM Cheparinov and GM Shirov (note: Kasimdzhanov flagged against Shirov).

Scroll down for all the results and games from the semi finals. Expect exclusive news about the finals tomorrow here on!

Esc. Int. Kasparov-Marcote – SCC Sabadell 5-1

GM Vugar Gashimov (AZE) 1/2 GM Rodríguez, Amador (ESP)
GM Vallejo, Francisco (ESP) 1/2 IM Rahal, Michael (ENG)
GM Inarkiev, Ernesto (RUS) 1-0 FM Perpinya, Lluis M (ESP)
GM Vadim Milov (SUI) 1-0 FM Alonso, Cayetano (ESP)
GM Graf, Alexander (GER) 1-0 FM Parés, Natalia (ESP)
GM Salgado, Iván (ESP) 1-0 Monrada, Miquel (ESP)

Kutxa Gros – Linex-Magic 2-4

GM Kashimdzanov, Rustam (UZB) 0-1 GM Shirov, Alexei (ESP)
GM Bacrot, Ettiene (FRA) 1/2 GM Adams, Michael (ENG)
GM Van Welly, Loek (NED) 1/2 GM Sargissian, Gabriel (ARM)
GM Handouchi, Hicham (FRA) 0-1 GM Cheparinov, Ivan (BUL)
GM San Segundo, Pablo (ESP) 1/2 GM Caruana, Fabiano (ITA)
GM Cifuentes, Roberto (ESP) 1/2 IM Pérez, Manuel

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