Levon aRomian’s Blitz !!!

On his way back from Monaco to his native country, the brand new winner of Melody Amber tournament spent a day in Rome, promptly intercepted by the Italian journo Janis Nisii (who lives in Rome) who sent us a photographic evidence of the real reason behind his trip!

The author sums up for you the story behind it:

Aronian was trying to go to Yerevan from Berlin (where he lives) but his flight was cancelled so he decided to get the flight from Rome the next day and called me knowing I live in Rome. I’ve decided to send the blog owner a few pics of Lev making up that funny story.

The train station where I took the first 2 pics of him is probably the less famous of Rome and it’s in the Northern border of the city, this is what makes the whole thing funny: the blog site is jokingly pretending that he reached that remote district only because he wanted to play at all costs with the people of a local chess club 🙂

(The original saying in Italian says that you should only trust wives and farm animals from your own country, and it got transformed changing wives to chess clubs)

Full story with many pictures here: http://soloscacchi.altervista.org/?page_id=19651

Janis Nisii
Journalist and Photographer
Rome, Italy

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