This is the final position after 19…Rhe8

Bareev shockingly offered a draw and gave up the match without fighting. He did the same in another game with the White pieces. Leko is now advanced to Mexico City. He will join Kramnik, Anand, Svidler and Morozevich.

GM Leko (2738) – GM Bareev (2643) [B19]
FIDE candidates Matches Elista, Kalmykia Russia, 11.06.2007

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Bf5 5.Ng3 Bg6 6.h4 h6 7.Nf3 Nd7 8.h5 Bh7 9.Bd3 Bxd3 10.Qxd3 e6 11.Bd2 Ngf6 12.0-0-0 Be7 13.Ne4 Qb6 14.Nxf6+ Bxf6 15.g4 c5 16.Bc3 0-0-0 17.dxc5 Qxc5 18.Bd4 Qc6 19.Rhe1 Rhe8 Game drawn 1/2-1/2

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