Former Women’s World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili tied for 1st at the 2010 Marx György Memorial with Tatiana Kononenko. Nona was born in 1941. She was already a World Champion and ruled Women’s Chess before most of the current top 10 female players in the world were even born! This makes her performance in this tournament most remarkable!

Final round results:

Gaprindashvili, N – Kononenko, T 1/2
Mádl, I – Galojan, L 1/2
Vajda, Sz – Tóth, L 1/2

Final standings:

1. Gaprindashvili, N

Kononenko, T
3. Mádl, I
4. Galojan, L

Vajda, Sz
6. Tóth, L

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