The following is an excerpt of the Sports Express Interview with Veselin Topalov:

Sport Express: Are you very upset by the title loss?

Veselin Topalov: I must repeat, the title itself means nothing for me. If I continue to win chess tournaments and stay at #1 in on the rating list, it is of not important that Kramnik holds that title. If he continues to make his usual +2 and stay at number 3 in the raking, everybody will see what kind of a champion he is.

(Another blogger offered this translation: “The title by itself is not that important. I am happy that I showed what a championship game should like. When Kramnik and Leko went through their 15-move draws, smiled, and said “What an interesting game!”, that was ridiculous and sad. In principle, FIDE should ban that in professional chess. Kramnik wasn’t against that even now, but I made him play!”)

SE: You are not upset that the title has been passed to him?

VT: Kramnik has to prove now that he can live up to the title of World Champion. I hope he will defend his title next year.

SE: Where?

VT: Kramnik is under contractual obligation to play in Mexico City.

SE: What if Kramnik refuses to participate?

VT: That would be his problem and FIDE.

Here is the full interview in Russian.
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