Lessons of chess
by Dennis Fujimoto – The Garden Island

HANALEI — After a “nerve-wracking” day of chess, winners emerged from the Hanalei School third annual Chess Tournament, though chess instructor Terry Moeller felt that all the students came out winners.

“My brain is fried,” said Maddy Rausch, the first-place winner for the Upper Elementary, Girls Division. “It was nerve-wracking, playing from 8 this morning until 1:30 this afternoon.”

Following Rausch, Savannah Elcock quietly accepted the second place honor for the Upper Elementary, Girls Division.

“Undefeated,” was the only word Christian Potter, winner of the Upper Elementary, Boys Division, could utter after defeating second place finisher Craig Matthews.

“This is the third year I’ve competed, and this is the third year I won,” Potter said, quietly stifling his excitement. “I didn’t know how to play chess until I met Mr. Moeller. He taught me everything I know.”

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