Karpov playing classical chess again!

Our friends from www.chessdom.com has just informed us that Karpov will be participating in a classical time control category 15 event for the first time in 4 years!

Here is what has been posted on the chessdom website:

One of the first local organizations to cooperate with Gorenje is Serbia’s top chess club VSK “Sveti Nikolaj”. Agile chess management has quickly prepared no less than 15th category tournament with former World Champion Anatoly Karpov leading the field! This will be Karpov’s first round robin tournament with classical time control since Essent 2003.

Other high rated contenders are the always tough Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev (ELO 2653), the perspective Israeli GM Michael Roiz (ELO 2616), and the former Dutch champion Predrag Nikolic from Bosnia. BIH is currently removed from FIDE list, probably because of the debt, but we hope their ratings will be back on time for the Gorenje tournament.

Three players, all of them members of the VSK “Sveti Nikolaj”, will represent Serbia: GM Ivan Ivanisevic (ELO 2614), GM Branko Damljanovic (ELO 2585) and GM-elect Mihajlo Stojanovic (ELO 2588). The participants list is concluded with the very active GM Suat Atalik (ELO 2584) of Turkey, the Slovenian representive GM Dusko Pavasovic (ELO 2567) and another VSK member – GM Viorel Iordachescu (ELO 2587) from Moldova.

ChessDom.com will be the official media partner of Gorenje 2007. We will provide extensive coverage of the games and the atmosphere around the tournament. The games will be held on June 13th-21st, stay tuned for updates.

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