The 18th Karpov Poikovsky Tournament is set to take place from 18-27th April at the Sports School “Neptune” in Poikovsky, Nefteyugansk Ugra, Russia.

The round robin tournament with ten players has the average elo of 2679.

The event will be visited by Anatoly Karpov, Sergey Karjakin and Olympic boxing champion Vyacheslav Yanovsky.


Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia) 2727
Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia) 2718, winner in 2007 and 2012
Maxim Rodshtein (Israel) 2701
Anton Korobov (Ukraine) 2695, winner of previous two editions in 2015 and 2016
Evgeniy Najer (Russia) 2679
David Anton (Spain) 2679
Daniil Dubov (Russia) 2660
Emil Sutovsky (Israel) 2650
Viorel Bologan (Moldova) 2640, winner of the first two editions in 2000 and 2001
Sergei Zhigalko (Belarus) 2639

News by GM Vasily Papin