Anatoly Karpov – Miroslav Miljkovic Match
3rd and 4th December in Niš, Serbia

Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov continues the series of rapid events with a match against IM Miroslav Miljkovic (elo 2506) on 3rd and 4th December in Niš, Serbia.

The playing venue will be in the Niš City Hall and the Mayor Miloš Simonović will make the ceremonial move. The City of Niš is sponsoring the match and Niš Chess Union is the technical organizer.

Four games will be played with the time control of 25 min+10 sec per player while the remaining two will be blitz with 5 min+2 sec per player. The games will be broadcasted on the internet and TV Bell Amie will cover the match live.

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