Former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov was in São Paulo, Brazil last week. He played 24 simultaneous games versus students (7-16 years old) and scored 22 wins and 2 draws.

Karpov said: “It’s always good to meet childrens and young students and give them an opportunity to learn something about the chessand the life”.

Amanda Marques Pereira, 12 years old, after one hour and thirty minutes, received a Karpov’s offer draw.

Amanda said: “He has fear of me!”, she made a joke.

“It was an enormous emotion. My teachers spoke about him. It was like a dream.”

Karpov said that he offers draw as an award to the best players in the simultaneous. In addition, he said that he was impressed with the chess evolution in Brazil. “The country is making a work to divulge chess in schools and I see a bright future to the Brazil”.

To read more about this event (only in Portuguese), please click here.

Thank you Paulo Rafael for the coverage!
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