By Chess Tutor William Stewart

Original article on how Kamsky won the 2011 World Chess Open available on William’s site.

Gata Kamsky has had an excellent 2011 professional season thus far, winning the World Open and US Championship and beating Topalov in the Quarterfinals of the World Championship Candidates Matches (barely losing to eventual tournament winner Boris Gelfand in the Semifinals). Among other notable achievements, Kamsky won close to $20,000 USD at the World Open and $42,000 USD at the US Championship – not a bad year and it’s barely halfway over. Kamsky played a very solid tournament, losing only his 4th round game to top GM Loek Van Wely. This showing will elevate his FIDE rating to #12 in the world at 2748. Regulation time of the tournament ended with Kamsky tied with England’s Michael Adams (FIDE 2723) at 7/9 points, so an Armageddon play-off ensued. With the better tiebreaks, Adams was able to choose the black pieces – giving him draw odds and 3 minutes versus Kamsky’s 5 minutes. Adams was unable to hold the draw as Kamsky patiently applied relentless pressure this year at the world chess open.

Kamsky the Conquerer

Kamsky’s Key Games at the World Chess Open

Round 4 Loss vs Van Wely:

Kamsky was almost able to equalize out of the opening, however Van Wely played with deadly accuracy to hand Kamsky his only loss of the tournament. Van Wely certainly had a chance to challenge for the World Open title this year, starting at 4/4 however he faltered in the later rounds and finished in 2nd with 6.5/9.

Van Wely Had Kamsky Tied Up After 29.Qb8!

Kamsky’s Round 5 Win vs Yudasin

After some extremely creative play by both sides, Kamsky was able to steer into a double rook endgame up a pawn. In the end, his excellent technique was able to overcome Yudasin’s resourcefulness.
Kamsky Hits Yudasin With a Shot 13.Nb5!

Kamsky’s Round 7 Win over Lenderman

No surprise as Kamsky played his typical Slav Defense with 4. a6 followed by kingside fianchetto and castling. He was able to achieve a win in classic Kamsky style, grinding down his young opponent out of an apparently equal endgame to win in 74 moves. Once again, Kamsky’s impeccable endgame technique at the world chess open this year shows why he is a 2700+ Super-GM.

Kamsky Grinds Lenderman With 74.e3

2011 World Chess Open game PGN’s and Final Standings are available at the Official Site

Original article on how Kamsky won the 2011 World Chess Open available on William’s site.

By Chess Coach Will Stewart (USCF 2256, FIDE 2234)

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