Fischer’s Pinay love child in Iceland to claim inheritance

December 4, 2009, 8:24pm

On a snowy and windy afternoon last December 1, Jinky Young, who claims to be the late Bobby Fischer´s Filipino child, finally linked up with her father in a small cemetery in front of the Laugardaelir church in Selfoss town, southwest Iceland.

Braving the distance from far-away Philippines and the minus 8 weather of Iceland, Jinky took leave from school to visit her father´s tomb with her mother, Marilyn Young. The last time they saw Fischer was in September 2005 in Reykjavik when the chess legend had a 3-week rendezvous with them. Fischer took mother and daughter around central Reykjavik, and rode with them in buses, his preferred means of transportation.

Jinky had a grand time with her dad after she missed him during Fischer’s 8-month stay in a Japanese airport prison.

Fischer was taking a flight to the Philippines in 2004 to be with a waiting Jinky and Marilyn at the airport, but he was stopped from boarding his plane because of an allegedly cancelled passport.

Marilyn recalls that their parting was hard when they returned to the Philippines. ” But there was not a day that Bobby didn’t call us, sometimes 3 to 4 times, except when I was in school. He would always ask for Jinky who would say, “I love you, Daddy,” said Marilyn.

GM Eugene Torre, who accompanied Jinky and Marilyn to Fischer’s tomb, also found time to reunite with his close friend. It was Torre who acted as Bobby’s chief second during his return match with Boris Spassky in 1992 in the former Yugoslavia. This match earned for Fischer the ire of the US government who pursued him no end until he was placed behind bars in Japan.

Samuel Estimo, Jinky’s lawyer, had already made arrangements with an Icelandic law firm, thru former FIDE president Frederic Olaffson, who will handle Jinky’s claim to the estate of her father which consists of around 1.5 million euros and gold deposited at the Landsbanki Islands.

Last December 2, Estimo and a lady Icelandic lawyer accompanied Jinky to a Reykjavik hospital where her blood samples were taken for DNA testing. It turned out that it was the same hospital where Fischer died of renal failure on January 17, 2008.

Estimo and Thordur Bogason of the law firm who will handle the claim, are optimistic about Jinky’s chances of getting her due to the estate of her father.

“The Magistrate of Iceland will uphold Jinky’s claim which means that she will get two-thirds of Fischer’s estate,” said Bogason.

“That is on the assumption that Ms. Miyoko Watai’s supposed marriage to Bobby Fischer will be affirmed by the Icelandic Supreme Court. Otherwise, Jinky will collect the whole of Bobby’s estate,” concluded Estimo.


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