Jan Hendrik Timman – 65 JT

To celebrate the 65th birthday of the famous Dutch over-the-board GM and endgame study composer Jan Timman, two composing tourneys for endgame studies are announced:

1. Only for over the board title-holders (FIDE GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WFM)
Theme: free
Judges: Yochanan Afek & Hans Böhm
Tourney director: Harold van der Heijden
Prize fund: 1000 EUR

2. Open section
Theme: mate by the bishop (or struggle against mate by the bishop)
Judges: Jan Timman & Hans Böhm
Tourney director: Harold van der Heijden,
Prize fund: 1000 EUR

Send your originals before July 1st 2017 to the tourney director: heijdenharold@gmail.com preferably in PGN-format. In both sections there is a maximum of three studies per composer. Co-authored studies are allowed (in the first section all authors must be title holders). The final award will be ready on December 14th 2017, the 66th birthday of Jan Timman.

The prize money is made available by Böhm Communications BV www.hansbohm.com

In this way, Hans Böhm celebrates 50 years of close friendship with Jan Timman.