One tournament, two generations, three time-controls 
LEONTXO GARCÍA (Press Officer)

After 25 consecutive years of full success, the 26th Magistral Ciudad de Leon opens up a “Total Chess” period: three different time-controls on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June, 7-9th). And two geniuses will represent two generations: Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine), 44, more than a quarter of century at the top; and Anish Giri (The Netherlands), 18, number one U-20. The Leon Auditorium will be the venue of another interesting and great match.

The Ciudad de Leon has always been at the forefront of modern chess. It was one of the first to add the electronic boards, giant screens, GM commentary by headphones, live TV and Internet broadcasting, daily press conferences with the players (open to the spectators), parallel activities with priorities for children and also the cultural side of chess… Leon was the place where the “Advanced Chess” Kasparov’s idea (computers assistance during the games) was applied in 1998 (Kasparov-Topalov) and 1999 (Karpov-Anand). 

Nowadays, when rapid chess is getting more and more important, and the tendency goes towards accelerated time-controls, the 26th Ciudad de Leon will have three different ones: 45 minutes + 15 seconds per move on Friday (two games); 20 min. + 10 sec. on Saturday (four games); and 5 + 3 on Sunday (ten games); if a tiebreak is needed after those 16 games, it will be played on Sunday as well.

Two top gladiators will play this thrilling duel. Ivanchuk has won the affection and admiration of millions of fans over the past 25 years due to his genius, sympathy and deep love of chess. Giri is called to great success during the coming 25 years. Both are polyglots: Ivanchuk speaks Ukranian, Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Portuguese; Giri speaks Russian, English, Dutch, Japanese, Nepalese and German. They will not need all those languages in Leon, because their main common tongue, chess, will be enough to fascinate the chess lovers.

More information: www.advancedchessleon.com

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