You cannot create a better ending than the 2007 World Blitz Championship! Ivanchuk and Anand tied for first heading to the final game in round 38.

Ivanchuk defeated Anand in the last round with the Black pieces to win the 2007 World Blitz Championship! Ivanchuk finished with 25.5 points while Anand finished with 24.5 points.

Grischuk and Kamsky finished tied for 3rd and 4th with 23.5 points.

Finished in a distant 5th through 7th are Kramnik, Leko and Rublevsky with 21.5 points.

Morozevich finished 8th with 21 points.

Young phenon Magnus Carlsen finished 9th with 20.5 points.

Here are the full final standings:

Congratulations to Ivanchuk!

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