This picture was taken on July 7, 2004 at the Polgar Chess Center Super Wednesday Blitz Tournament. He was playing against IM Krush. Next to him was IM Zatonskih against me and next to me was GM Yudasin against FM Klein.

If my information is correct, young Fabiano Caruana has become the newest American IM by scoring his third and final IM norm in Budapest, Hungary.

I remember Fabiano playing his first two ever rated USCF tournaments at the Polgar Chess Center back in May 30 and July 25, 1998. His first provisional rating was 473. He has come a long way since.

Congratulations to Fabiano and his family! Not only that he is a wonderful chess player, Fabiano is a fine young man as well. His parents really made a lot of sacrifices to give him the opportunity to learn and compete. I wish him the best and I hope the GM title will soon be within his grasp.

UPDATE: I was just informed by the USCF that Fabiano has just changed his federation to Italy from USA. It looks like the US has just lost the newest IM. Good luck Fabiano!Posted by Picasa

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