Game 5: Draw

In the fifth game of the match World champion Hou Yifan had white pieces as in the previous game. The players continued with the same line they already played in the fourth game. White changed the variation first, choosing 12. cd. In the previous game Hou Yifan preferred 12. Nb3.

“White did not manage to get any advantage today”, – said the Chinese at the post-game press-conference, – “The game was equal and normal. The move 12. cd is a normal continuation, and I played by my home preparation until around the 16th move”.

Humpy Koneru commented on the game like this: “I did not expect her to play the variation with queen exchange, but I just kept on playing normally. I think we did not play anything new in this line”.

Press-officer Anastasiya Karlovich asked the players how important the opening preparation is for them.

Hou Yifan: “It’s not the most important thing – it is more important how you feel, how you play. At least for me it is like this”.

Humpy Koneru: “I think it depends on the situation. When you play a crucial game, it matters to have a good preparation”.

After 5 games Hou Yifan is leading 3-2. In the sixth game of the match on the 21st of November, Humpy Koneru will play with white.

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