Boy, how things have changed in the 72 hours. Just a few days ago, people were saying Kramnik will draw the rest of his games and Topalov will not make a dent.

Now, people are saying that Topalov will roll on and Kramnik has no chance to survive. This is the same pattern as pro-Kramnik or pro-Topalov during the pottygate situation.

As I said from the beginning, just sit back and enjoy the games and be thankful that we have decisive results and exciting play. We are witnessing the best attacker versus the best defender. This match is FAR FROM OVER!

At this moment, the momentum seems to temporarily swing to Topalov’s side. But it could easily change direction in the next game. Don’t be so hasty in making judgment. That is why I do NOT take sides. I still do not know who will win. Didn’t Kramnik win the last game against Leko to retain his title? So do NOT count Kramnik out yet.

I gave them equal chances before the match when I was asked. The score is still 2 wins for each player on the board plus game 5. Kramnik won back to back game (1 and 2) and Topalov also won back to back game (8 and 9). It means that both are capable of winning or losing consecutive games. Kramnik will have White in 2 of the last 3 games including game 12. The best is yet to come! Enjoy!
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