FIDE invite you to take the first look at the new Grand Prix website. We have been working to create a better experience for chess enthusiasts who follow the games online.

Today we are introducing the updated Grand Prix site. You’ll notice several changes:

• The site will now combine all four tournaments within a cycle to preserve consistency and make it easier to follow the players as they go through the cycle leading to the World Chess Championship match. Also the platform allows the sponsors to establish presence in the whole series, not only a single tournament.

• Added social networks: Instagram is employed to show behind-the-scenes view of the tournament. Twitter is used to receive quick feedback from viewers and issue timely news updates for the media.

• Video broadcast is hosted on the front page of the site (during the match). Please watch this space for other improvements. Meanwhile, we hope you can help us improve the series website – please take this short survey to let the developers know what you think.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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