Interview with IM Mikhail Mozharov
Mikhail Mozharov in conversation with Alexander Ipatov during Chigorin Memorial

Alexander Ipatov : Here we are with IM Mikhail Mozharov, one of the most talented juniors in Russia, who is participating at the Chigorin Memorial. At which age did you start playing chess and what are your main achievements in chess?

Mikhail Mozharov : I started playing chess at the age of 7. My main successes were: the 2nd place in Russian Rapid Chess Championship U16 in 2006, the 3rd in Russian Rapid Chess Championship U18 in 2008, winner of the Children Team Champion of Russia 2006 with the team of Nizhni Novgorod,the 1st board, shared the 3rd place in the World School Championship U16 in 2005 in Greece. In non-junior chess I don’t have so many achievements like in children competitions, but I have performed well in some of them, like sharing 1-2 place in Vladimir open 2010 (the Stage of Russia Cup).

Alexander Ipatov : Quite an impressive run so for. For which club are you playing now?

Mikhail Mozharov : I finished the Petrosian chess school (famous graduates of this club are Alexander Morozevich and Sergei Grigoriants). Now I’m playing for Chess Club “Mephi”. I will be trying to help the club in Russian High League in Dagomys 2011. The manager of “Mephi” is Mr. Vladimir Kravchenko, he is making a lot for the development of our club.

Alexander Ipatov : How are you working on chess? Who are your seconds and coaches?

Mikhail Mozharov : I am working on chess with Nikolay Chepel (my best friend) and GM Ivan Popov. My consultant is the famous chess coach Alexander Nikitin (ex-trainer of Karpov, Kasparov, etc).

Alexander Ipatov : What do you think about the organization of the Chigorin Memorial?

Mikhail Mozharov : I’m playing in the Chigorin Memorial the first time.The Organization Committee has offered three options with accommodation: Hotel “Moscow”, Hotel “Saint-Petersburg”, and Hotel “FINEC”, all of them are very good. In general, my friend Nikolay Chepel (in the first round he brought a sensation beating GM Kryakvin) and me want to say a big “thanks” to WGM Irina Sudakova for the excellent conditions that she has provided.We are enjoying the tournament!

Alexander Ipatov : What are your following tournaments?

Mikhail Mozharov : My next tournament will be the Final Cup of Russia in Belgorod. It will start immediately after the Chigorin Memorial.

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